[Answer] Campanology is the study of what?

Introduction to the question “Campanology is the study of what?”

  1. Bells
  2. Shellfish
  3. Camping
  4. Political campaigns
The correct answer to this quiz is  Bells .

Source: University of Texas

Answer to the question “Campanology is the study of what?

Campanology is the study of bells. As defined in the Oxford English Dictionary, the field includes “detailed examination of the principles of bell-founding, bell-ringing, etc.” That might mean looking at how bells are cast, rung, or sounded, as well as the history and traditions around bell-ringing. Others define campanology more narrowly as the art or practice of bell-ringing. The word most often applies to large bells, like the kind in a tower or church, rather than small hand bells. According to a lecturer at the University of Texas, bells have been mounted in churches since the time of ancient Rome — some say first by Paulinus of Nola in 5th-century Campania, Italy. Bell towers, meanwhile, have been a common feature in British churches since about 930 CE, and bell-ringers have existed in Britain since the Middle Ages.

Bell-ringing was once a common way to signal time for worship, weddings, funerals, or danger, but it underwent significant decline in the last century as church attendance dwindled. Fortunately for campanologists, however, it’s currently experiencing something of a revival in the U. K. As for the word itself, “campana” is late Latin for bell. The word’s ending comes from the Greek “logia,” indicating “branch of knowledge, science,” which has been used in English since the 1800s. You may also have heard of a campanile — an often freestanding bell tower.

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