Health Insurance And It’s Benefits

Health Insurance Today, first of all, we will know what is health insurance, many people do not know the difference between health insurance and life insurance, they understand life insurance as health insurance.


If someone in your house is seriously ill. then he needs to be admitted to the hospital then seeing the bill and chart of the hospital. many people sweat, in such a situation. if you have got health insurance, the insurance company will give you covers of all expenses according to your policy.

Benefits Of Taking Health Insurance

The biggest benefit of health insurance is that it protects your savings in case of emergency. Suppose if there is a medical emergency in your house, then the hospital bill the cost of surgery is at least 5 to 10 lakhs in such a situation, health insurance is available, a lot of your expenses are covered. In such a case, your savings will not end and a lot of your expenses would have been saved.

Cashless treatment Cashless treatment and we don’t have to pay anything from our pocket. Most of the standard policies have a network of hospitals where you can get cashless treatment.

Corporate plan top-up Many companies provide 1.5-3 lakhs insurance cover. But its not sufficient in most cases so you can Top-up that also.

Comprehensive Coverage For Young

If you buy insurance at young age. Then premium is less and most of your diseases are covered. Because there are fewer chances of diseases at young age. But over period of time, the chances of diseases or any illness increases.

Most of the policies have a waiting period of pre-existing diseases of around 3-4 years. If that will be covered then any other disease will be covered in future.

More Than Hospitalization And Lifestyle Disease

You get many other benefits other than hospitalization like maternity benefit and daycare facilities. Many surgeries or treatment do not require hospitalization. That is also covered in many policies. Many viral diseases are covered and there are special policies for COVID these days.

Lifestyle diseases You get cover for all the lifestyle diseases. Nowadays are most of the jobs are desktop jobs. Because in this COVID time, most of the people are working from home. So it becomes more important in these times.

Tax Benefits Of Health Insurance

Under Section 80D, you get tax deduction of Rs. 25,000 if you choose the old slab. However, it’s not a big thing but it may be a big advantage for many people.

By using all these things, you will not only take care of your health, you will save yourself from ghee and your hospital expenses, as well as you will get a lot of help in your tax deduction every month and this will help you a lot. Will be received For a better future, so that you can face any kind of diseases in the future without any tension.

Things To consider Before Taking Insurance

You have to check in your nearby hospitals, check which policy providing cashless treatment. Check that whether pre and post hospitalization charges are covered or not. And you have to see that there is doctor’s diagnosis test and physiotherapist add in it and along with this you also have to see whether post hospitalization and physiotherapy is included in it or not and from 60 to 180 days post hospitalization expenses all these things have to be taken care of And what facilities are there in that hospital and many hospitals do not have such a good environment during the day and there is a lot of crowd. How much coverage can be taken in case of illness.

Conclusion Of Health Insurance

Now that you know what insurance is, What are its benefits in the long term, especially considering that you do not know, God forbid, but if something like this happens to you, If you are worried about your family, you want a secure future for your family, then it is right to do insurance. So that your stress is over.
Because there are some things which are not in our hands, often people say this. So now you have the answer whether you have to take insurance or not.

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