[Answer] Who wrote “Charlotte’s Web”?

Introduction to the question “Who wrote “Charlotte’s Web”?”

  1. Roald Dahl
  2. Beverly Cleary
  3. Maurice Sendak
  4. E.B. White
The correct answer to this quiz is  E.B. White .

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Answer to the question “Who wrote “Charlotte’s Web”?

E. B. White was inspired to write “Charlotte’s Web” after discovering a spider web in his barn in Maine in the late 1940s. The web didn’t contain any messages, like “terrific” or “radiant,” but it was magical just the same. White began to regularly check in on the web, and when the spider disappeared and left behind an egg sac, he cut down the sac and placed it in a box, which he took with him to New York City.

The spiders eventually hatched, and White let them spin webs all over his apartment. It may sound strange, but he had always been fond of animals — he once wrote that, as a child, he “felt for animals a kinship he never felt for people.” He drew on the animals of his youth, and the spiders from his barn, for inspiration in his writing, not just for “Charlotte’s Web,” but also for “Stuart Little” (1945) and “The Trumpet of the Swan” (1970). All three books have become classics in children’s literature, but “Charlotte’s Web” is perhaps the most beloved of them. First published in 1952, the novel tells the story of a clever spider named Charlotte and her efforts to save a pig named Wilbur by spinning praise into her web and making him famous.

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